Chouettes Toilettes 2022 contest



The Association des Bibliothécaires de France is talking about toilets again ! We are relaunching the Chouettes Toilettes contest in 2022!

Last year, the ABF took on an unusual but essential and topical subject: toilets ! Through the Chouettes Toilettes 2021 contest, the objective was to show how we can concretize the principles of accessibility and inclusion in these small corners of our institutions.

Because libraries are public places open to everyone and welcome each person as a whole.
Because the mind and the body cannot be separated.
Because generally speaking, few people talk about it, whereas everyone uses it every day, including in libraries.
Because it takes a whole team and a lot of invisible work to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone finds services that correspond to their needs.
Because they are a central element of a quality reception, a place that is sometimes neglected or a source of tension, the toilets are a space on which it is urgent to reflect.

We are renewing the competition this year in order to continue to raise awareness on this key subject.

Sustainable development, comfort of use, special services... this competition aims to demonstrate the inventiveness and the reflections of the profession in terms of reception.

All libraries, small and large, associative, university, general or specialized are invited to participate!
There is only one condition: the toilets participating in the competition must respect the legislative provisions concerning accessibility. We believe that accessibility is a fundamental right and should not be optional.

Follow the news of the contest and the toilets in libraries with :

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The awards ceremony will take place during the Association des Bibliothécaires de France congress, which will be held in Metz from 2 to 4 June 2022. If you won and are unable to attend, prizes will be sent to you !